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THERAPY FEES - $150 per hour (payment is due at the time of the session).


  • Gastric Bypass Evaluation - fee $325 - evaluation includes a clinical interview, psycho-social history, self-report questionnaires covering various aspects of mood and risk assessment. Fee includes report to be sent to physician summarizing the results of the evaluation. *This evaluation does not include psychological testing. Check with your doctor to see if psychological testing is required as part of your evaluation in order to be approved.

  • Psychological Evaluations with psychological testing: fee $1575. This evaluation includes clinical interview, administration, scoring and interpretation of all tests and report writing. Purposes for psychological evaluations include diagnostic clarification for psychological disorders/conditions and treatment recommendations. Dr. Hardison no longer completes psychological evaluations for legal cases such as divorce and custody cases. Dr. Hardison only participates in mediation cases and does NOT testify in court cases.
  • Psycho-Educational Assessments for Children age 6 and above and for Adults. There are 2 levels of testing described below along with fees.
1st Level of Testing - fee $675

IQ test only  - 
this assessment includes: WISC V for ages 6-16; WAIS IV for ages 16 and above. Testing takes approximately 2 hours. Fee includes testing and report. This testing is usually for entrance into a school requiring a recent IQ score on record. This level of testing can also be appropriate for Adult ADHD evaluations when documentation is need for medication. As long as the adult is not in school, then this level of testing is appropriate.

2nd Level of Testing - fee $1275

Full Psycho-Educational Assessment includes:
  • Vanderbilt Parent questionnaire for children and self-report questionnaires
  • Psychoeducational evaluation of the client including IQ testing (WISC V for children ages 6-16; WAIS IV for adults ages 16 and above); Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement (for children and adults).
  • History of symptoms - developmental, mental, and psychosocial history, gathered through a clinical interview.
This 2nd level of testing will assess IQ, cognitive abilities and academic abilities and will evaluate for the presence of any learning disorders including ADHD. This full psycho-educational assessment consists of 10-15 clinical billable hours. 4-5 hours of testing and clinical interview and 5-10 hours or more to score tests, interpret and write up report (usually 18-25 pages). The testing report can be used to seek disability services, special accommodations in classrooms (extended test times, extra tutoring, extended deadlines for projects and papers), and special accommodations for standardized testing ACT and SAT, etc. This level is also necessary if seeking medication for ADHD from a physician, as documentation must be provided for presence of ADHD.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, Checks or Credit Card
Payment is due at the time of service.
Checks should be made out to Dr. Heather Hardison.


Dr. Hardison works hard to keep her fees affordable. Dr. Hardison’s services are considered “private pay” services. This means the client is responsible for paying for services themselves. However, if a client wishes to file a claim themselves (for “Out of Network” reimbursement), Dr. Hardison will provide an invoice with the needed insurance codes.

Many established mental health professionals do not join or remain on insurance panels for several reasons. There is a great deal of paperwork required, which takes time and energy away from the client and significantly drives up costs. Providers who join insurance panels have to pass these costs on to clients in the form of higher fees.

Dr. Hardison is focused on high quality service for all clients and strives to keep the focus on the client’s needs without the restrictions and limitations that insurance companies impose.