COVID 19 Announcement - 1/15/2022: Due to the Covid 19 global pandemic, I am not seeing clients in person for my own safety and the safety of clients. At this time, I am only administering psychological testing online and completing gastric bypass/bariatric evaluations remotely. I am not taking therapy clients now or IQ testing/ADHD testing until the pandemic is over. Please email me to schedule telehealth evaluations (bariatric surgery, online psyc tests).

2019 Announcements for Changes to Practice - Not Taking New Therapy Patients Currently. I am transitioning to a practice focused on evaluations/assessments (Psycho-educational testing, ADHD evals ages 6 and up and IQ testing ages 6 and up).

Services provided: (Not taking new therapy clients in 2022)
  • Individual Adult Psychotherapy - adults ages 18 and up only. Note: No child, adolescent or family therapy offered. 
  • Educational/Intellectual Testing - ADHD, IQ, Achievement and Learning Disability assessments ages 6 and up
  • Gastric Bypass Evaluations - includes clinical interview, psycho-social history, mood, and symptom assessments. See details on fees page.
  • Psychological Evaluations with psychological testing for diagnostic purposes only at the request of a physician and mental health professional, not by attorneys or courts. Not for court related cases or cases requiring testifying and will only evaluate in divorce cases that will be settled in mediation.
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